respite care

Youth are the future of care.


One-on-One Partnership

Older adults are partnered with students based on similar career interests and hobbies

Brain Boot Camp

Brain Boot Camp curricula is designed to be delivered by trained students

In-Home Setting

Several stimulating activities help to keep older adults engaged in a familiar setting.

Take a break

We provide the most affordable respite care — guaranteed.

YouthCare is an in-home activity and memory care program that pairs trained undergraduate and/or graduate student volunteers and older adults with MCI, early-stage Alzheimer’s or dementia. Student volunteers go into the homes of family caregivers and follow a set curriculum designed by the UCLA Longevity Center that provides patients with cognitive stimulating activities and companionship for 3 to 6 hours per week.

This helps to improve the quality of life for the senior by keeping them engaged, channeling their energy in a positive way and uplifting their mood. The program also helps the family caregiver by providing them with temporary support in taking care of their loved one.

YouthCare is currently a grant-funded program and the services are FREE for qualified participants in Los Angeles County. 

The Youth Movement

Youth Movement Against Alzheimer's
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UCLA Longevity Center